Treat Premature Ejaculation

Two Basic Approaches to End Premature Ejaculation

In 21st century sex has become one of the most important parts of our lives. But when it comes to a man's intimate life, nothing can frustrate him more than his inability to control his ejaculation. And premature ejaculation not only affects a man's confidence in bed... it deprives his wife, girlfriend or lover of sexual fulfillment. So it makes so much sense to try to prevent this condition in any way possible. To help you out, I am providing you with two excellent ways of overcoming premature ejaculation in this post.

Control your arousal level

When it comes to sex, it is so easy for men to get caught up in the bliss and allow an ejaculation to sneak up on them. Sex stamina diminishes very quickly and arousal levels increase very fast if you do not have any control. Instead, take a page from how women enjoy sex. Tune into the full suite of sensations that is coursing through every inch of your body, from your head, to your legs. Shift your focus from your penis and allow the sexual energy to flow through your entire body. Letting your arousal level increase slowly will allow you to achieve even higher levels of pleasure without ejaculating and when time comes to orgasm, it feel much more powerful.

Relaxing Helps

Whenever an orgasm approaches, you will notice that certain muscles - especially those in your abs, thighs, buttocks and pelvis - will begin to tighten and tense up involuntarily. In order to gain better control over your ejaculatory reflex, it is a good practice to consciously relax those specific muscle groups. In a couple weeks this will become a habit for your body and it will keep them relaxed on its own. It is certainly will require your effort in order to master this technique, but it will be well worth your time as it will prove to be a tremendous help with your premature ejaculation.

No one told you that learning how to prevent premature ejaculation will simple and straight-forward. Don't let quick-fire sex take the sizzle out of your lovemaking. With enough effort and perseverance, the two methods provided here can be very effective and can completely turn your sex life around 180 degrees.